We’re on a mission to provide field service businesses with the very best software and support to run their day-to-day operations efficiently.


Every day we come in with one goal: to provide the field service industry with the best software, backed by the best support. mHelpDesk is not solely about software. mHelpDesk builds tools that allows field service owners and workers to drastically cut the time they spend on manually scheduling and invoicing so they can focus on their craft.

In 2007 our co-founders Vincent Wong and Khoa Ho, former Lockheed Martin engineers, saw the administrative challenges in the field service industry and set out to remedy that. Leveraging their experience developing large scale applications for the Department of Defense, Army, Marines, and Department of Homeland Security, they turned their focus to creating solutions for businesses that are much smaller but just as important to the success of our local, national, and global economy. They found a great market need for the intuitive, customer-centric tools they had built, and created a company that is now 70 employees strong and growing.

mHelpDesk helps over 10,000 field services companies manage their leads, stay organized, and win more jobs. We offer an intuitive product, a wide variety of features to match your specific company’s needs, and a customized support to ensure success.

We take pride in being the #1 rated field service software, but we couldn’t have done it without an incredible team. We are equally proud of the culture we’ve created. Our growth has been fueled by a 100% commitment to enabling each other succeed each day.

mHelpDesk was acquired by HomeAdvisor in 2014, tying us even closer to the field service industry customers we’ve always served.

We’re here to help if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what makes mHelpDesk tick. For more on our story, follow our blog.


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