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Audio Title: Estimate Audio Duration: 0:07:01 Number of Speakers: 1 Transcript This is a supplemental video to your pain point videos that you had earlier in your manual. We’re going to go over estimates in this module and we’re going to go over how to create them from your desktop and from your mobile application. So again, this is going to be supplemental to things that you’ve already reviewed. So some things may seem just a little redundant. We are also continuing to use the dummy account that I’ve created for learning purposes. So we will start with when we sign into our account on our dashboard, we have the ability to create a new estimate from here. We also have the ability to use a dropdown so the plus sign over here on our left hand side and we go to Estimate and create an estimate. Then you can also go to Transactions and Estimate and click Add Estimate. Now most of the time, I see that we will be making it from jobs. So why don’t we go ahead and create a job here. We will create one here for Jane and this will be an installation and this will be a panoramic or actually let’s say this is just a large TV. Home installation and we’re going to say that they want maybe an 80-inch and we’re going to assign this to tech one and it’s going to be gray and it’s going to be a new TV and again we said 80-inch. So we will go ahead and add our job first. After we’ve added our job, we go over here to the Estimate tab. You will see that the Estimate tab, you have Invoice and Payment. All these tabs are linked here to the same job. So after we go to the Estimate tab, it will pre-populate current information that we have on our customer and we want to go ahead and start adding the item. So let’s say we have a remote – this is a remote and it happens to be a digital remote. So the cost is going to go up significantly. I’m going to say it’s $100 and add that. Then we have our TV or let’s do a plasma TV and it’s $15 per inch in diameter and this is 80 inches. So we’re going to go ahead and change the quantity to 80 at that. Our total so far is $1300. So we can present this to the customer, email it, have them sign it. I will show you how to have them sign it in the mobile app. Have them approve the items that you’re going to work on. So let’s say that they don’t want that digital remote. That’s just too much. That’s not something that they want to go ahead and do. You can unselect “approved” and we can actually add maybe a regular remote. We don’t have to completely take it off, a $10 remote, because they don’t want the digital one. Save that and that way when we pull over and we learn how to create an invoice, when we pull over to an invoice, we will only have the approved items. Now when you send your PDF or email to your customer with the approved items, you will only see the approved items on that PDF that you have. So in order to print out an estimate from your desktop, you scroll down. You go to Print and Estimate. I usually like to go to Estimate PDF but you can also go to Print Estimate and it will take you straight to your printer. So if we go here, this will actually open up our PDF. We can view what it will look like before we send it. As you can see, the item that we haven’t approved isn’t on here and maybe we can get their signature, get their notes and have them send that back to us. Then you have the ability to email this to the customer by hitting Email, change the “to,” the carbon copy, maybe the subject. “Please approve estimate,” and whatever you would like. “Hi Jane. Please review and approve this estimate. Thank you,” and send. Now we also have the ability to create and send your estimates also in the mobile application. So let’s say we have your text out in the field. We will create – we will go into a job that they already have. So this is my tech one signed into the – I have signed into my mobile application. So what you do is you won’t be able to go straight into an estimate. You have to open up the job that you’ve been assigned and then you will be able to go down here. You will see there’s an estimate icon and we will go to Estimate and it will pre-populate the same type of information that you get on your desktop, customer service locations, so forth, anything that has been added. So right now we haven’t added any items as you can see on here. You can kind of move through this and we can go ahead and edit that by scrolling up to the top. We will make this a little easier to view. Clicking on the settings, edit estimate and as you can see, we have a plus sign button here that says, “Add items in this estimate by using the plus button.” So again, we will search by name so let’s see. Plasma, these are the different plasma TVs I can charge for. This is the 8.0 that I wanted to charge. I’m going to say that this one is maybe $200. Give them a little cheaper price and we hit Save and now it has been added to the estimate but remember, the estimate hasn’t been saved yet. This is only adding parts to the estimate. So let’s say we want to add also the remote. We will give them the cheaper remote and hit Save. Our rate is $10 and we will hit Save. So the most important thing is that we remember to save that and now it will refresh and it will give us our new items and the new item total. This is an error on my part. Then we have the ability to send it to them. So if we go again back to our Settings button, we can email the estimate. This is the email address that you currently have as your customer contact. You can change that. Add another email address to that. You also have the ability to get their signature. So we can go back to the settings again and we can get their signature on the specific estimate and that’s all there is to estimates. [End of transcript]

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