Billing and Invoice Software — Just Easier!

Trouble keeping track of your business billing and invoicing? mHelpDesk is here to help with our billing and invoice software. mHelpDesk is a fully-featured service management software that can help you manage orders, create schedules and dispatch employees. Our small business invoice software can streamline the way you manage your billing and invoicing. It’s even fully compatible with Quickbooks!

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Easily Track Your Employees Billable Hours

With mHelpDesk’s time and billing software features, tracking employee hours is a simple matter. Every order gets it’s own record in our software, and you can find all the information for each order on a single screen. This information naturally includes the time that your employees have billed to each hour. New hours can be started or paused from within the mHelpDesk interface, and accessible to your team so you can see what your employees are working on at any given time.

Quickly Create Estimates and Invoices with mHelpDesk’s Estimating Software

mHelpDesk’s billing and invoice software allows for the rapid creation of estimates and invoices. They can be generated from the information that has already been collected in the order. Our documents all come with a range of customization options that make it easy to create the templates you need.

Both documents are easy to create with the mHelpDesk software, and they are interactive. Customers can use mobile devices carried by your field techs to review estimates and invoices, and even use their fingers to sign off on any work to be performed. mHelpDesk preserves all of these documents so you never have to worry about losing them.

Take Payments in the Field on Mobile Devices With Our Mobile Invoicing Software

If you’ve ever stressed about your cash flow, you’ll be pleased to know that mHelpDesk’s Mobile Invoicing Software can help you get paid faster. In fact, your customers can choose to pay your field techs the minute the job is done. With compatible android and apple devices, mHelpDesk provides payment processing. All your field tech has to do is bring up the invoice on a mobile device and ask the customer to fill in their information.