mHelpDesk Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is simple. You can cancel your account at anytime. However, you must either submit a ticket request to close account with your username included, or you can call our toll-free number to cancel at 888-792-5552.

What happens if I stop paying my bill?

Not paying your bill does NOT mean your account is cancelled. Without explicitly notifying us that you would like to close your account, mHelpDesk is still obligated to maintain, backup, and ensure that your data is safe and the system is available to you. Just because you don’t pay your bill doesn’t mean we stop doing our job. If you stop paying your bill, mHelpDesk will prompt you to rectify the issue before accessing the system.

What if I stop paying my bill but rectify my billing issue at a later date?

If you stop paying your bill for any reason, your account is still open.  You will be prompted to fix your billing. If you decide to fix this at a later date, mHelpDesk will attempt to bill you for past months of non-payment. In other words, if you stop paying your bill but leave the account open you still owe for those months of non-payment.

So how do I cancel my account?

Just submit a ticket or call us to cancel your account. This will ensure that billing stops, and it ensures we close out your account properly.
  • Submit a ticket with your username and cancellation request
  • Call 888-792-5552 with your username and cancellation request

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