• Reduced Billing Cycles

    Lance Jehn - "We absolutely love mHelpDesk. It has sped up our billing cycle from 45 days, to virtually instantaneous."

  • Save More Time

    Nick May - “All I know is that I’m not having to double entry everything. It’s been great.”

  • One Stop Shop

    Howard Oven - “I use mHelpDesk to run my entire business, which has tripled in size since I started with them”

  • The Most Affordable

    Mike Meekins - "The most affordable service software that actually met our needs."

MHelpdesk allowed us to shorten our billing cycle and save money on office staff. Prior to using mHelpDesk, we were finding it difficult to keep our field and office staff organized. We found ourselves taking a call and typing information into a calendar system (1st entry of data). The tech would then go out and complete the job by using a carbon copy paper work order (2nd entry of same data).

Lance Jehn

mHelpDesk has added a level of professionalism I didn’t think was possible at this cost. It’s definitely a big bang for a little buck.

Ryan Royal

We love MHelpdesk because it has put everything into one place AND the customer service is great! Biggest thing that mHelpDesk has given us is TIME. It has streamlined our estimating process, and gives us the ability to scale our sales efforts to multiple people. As we have grown, we have added office staff that are virtual.

Nick May

“When I am at the office or on the road and the Quickbooks integration has saved me hours every week! Before I found mHelpDesk I had trouble keeping track of my jobs, projects and bookkeeping and wasted a ton of time keeping things up to date. Since moving to mHelpDesk I have access to everything in one place no matter where I am in an intuitive and organized format.”

Ryan O’Hara

Before mHelpDesk I wasted time, lost billable hours, and was completely unorganized. My clients and I now have a place to go on any device for tracking and invoicing.

Kevin Klein

We love using MHelpdesk because it has enabled us to close tickets and work more efficiently with mobile access and the ability to create tickets and invoices on the go. Before using MHelpdesk we were all scattered over town. We didn’t know who was where and who we didn’t know who customers were and what past issues they may have had without MHelpdesk.

Morelle McCrary

As a Mobile Tech mHelpDesk is perfect for Tracking, Invoicing and more from any browser enabled device. Before mHelpDesk I would have to remote in to my Quickbooks on my office PC and send invoices from it.

James Phillips

MHelpDesk allows us to run our business more efficiently than ever before. We had problems scheduling and communicating with technicians on the road. We can now schedule and dispatch technicians straight from MHelpdesk, without having to pick up the phone.

Dino Lolli

mHelpDesk is hands down the PREMIERE service management app on the market. Prior to mHelpDesk we double and triple entered customer info, service calls and invoices into various spreadsheets and databases.

Jeremy Norman

Now, with mHelpDesk, our entire staff can work systematically and cohesively on every project we are faced with. It has presented a system of accountability, reliability, and organization that has helped streamline nearly every part of our company.

David Waldy

mHelpDesk not only offers a great ticketing system that’s customer facing out of the box, but also the ability to capture digital signatures and a wide array of other extremely useful features for our business.

Stephen Pendino

MHelpDesk’s excellent customer service department addresses issues and feature requests in a timely manner.

Ryan Perry

After implementing mHelpDesk, we had an instant customer database, We had instant dispatching, we had instant calendar view of all upcoming jobs, we had access to customer job history, we had customers that were simply impressed by how we were running our business.

Scott Brennan

his combined with mHelpDesk’s integration into Quickbooks prevented the need for any double entry or extra work from supporting two disjoined systems. This created a system that used to take days and shorten it to hours, thus decreasing the billing cycles and increasing customer satisfaction through quick and timely response to their needs.

Tom Goetz

Now that we’re using mHelpDesk in the shop and on the road, every customer goes into our database, all our technicians have visibility to the calendar for scheduling new calls, payments are collected in the shop and onsite, the export tools let me synchronize mHelpDesk activity with my QuickBooks Desktop for my accountant, and the reports let me know who’s doing what.

Glen Hackler

Work orders are generated, signed off and invoiced in a smooth, timely manner. mHelpDesk is a smart business decision for Sunco now and moving forward in the future.

Sean Schoenberger

e have been able to generate and submit invoices to our clients on the spot. As a result, we can also receive payment onsite as well.

Nick Fortin


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