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Audio Title: Invoices Audio Duration: 0:07:44 Number of Speakers: 1 Transcript So, in this training module, we will go over invoices, how to create them in the mobile application as well as your desktop. Again this is a supplemental video to your pain point videos so we may go over some things that you already know or that you’ve already gotten in-depth knowledge for. We’re going to continue using the demo account that I’ve created for testing purposes. So we will start with our desktop application. There are a few ways to add and create an invoice. Once you sign in from your dashboard from your home screen, you will see that you have the ability to add a new invoice here. You also have the ability to add an invoice from the dropdown plus sign just like you did with the estimate and if you go to Transaction and Invoices, you also have the ability to add an invoice here. If we’re using estimates, chances are that we’re either going from jobs to invoices or jobs to estimates to invoices. So why don’t we go ahead and go into our current estimates? Now we can do this from the jobs as well. So actually we will go into the jobs. We will see all the jobs that we currently have. In the previous video, we actually did a large TV home installation. So if we click here, we will have the job and as you can see again, we have the tabs up top so Job, Estimate, Invoices, all link the job that’s – the job together with the estimate and invoice. So if we go over to Estimate, we will see we already prefilled all the information, approved what’s going to be installed, what we’re going to have done. Then we can move to our invoice here and now remember, you don’t have to create a job or an estimate to create an invoice. So if you want to go straight into creating an invoice, you can. You will just have the options to go back and forth. We’re going to go ahead and hit Add a New Invoice and it will pull over all the information that we had from Estimate. If we didn’t have an estimate, then we can create this from scratch again just by clicking Add Item and we can add any of the items that we need to add. So maybe they wanted to get a whole different type of remote. We could go ahead and add that there. We have the ability to get the signature from the desktop version here. We do have the option to also print and email the PDF version of this. So if we want to go ahead and see what that looks like, again, personally I just prefer to download the PDF but you can send your invoice PDF straight to the printer. So if we go to Download and just take a view and see what it looks like, go to Download, and it will open up our approved items and let’s say we get a signature. We will go ahead and get a signature so you can see what that looks like. We will sign the invoice so the customer will sign the invoice. Beautiful signature here and we have the signature here. We have the date here. We will go back to download PDF. So we can take a look at that and you will see how that transfers over. We have the signature down here. We have the amount that’s due and we can go ahead and print that out if we want to get a check or any paper version of payment that we’re not – would not allow us to collect maybe online or over the internet. Then you have the ability to email your invoice. So if we want to collect payment or maybe just remind them that they have a balance due, they can email the invoice by clicking Email down here. This is the current email address that I have for Jane under her customer contact. We can change that. We can add a second email, a third email, simply by – we enter a comma and this is a second email. You can send a carbon copy. You can change the subject so “Invoice: Please Pay,” or “Please Review”. You can go ahead and attach any of the attachments that are within these parameters, PDF doc and then we have our email. So you can say, “Hi Jane. Please review and pay this invoice.” Now you currently see that they have the ability to pay their invoice through this email. Now this is a link that I’ve added from the email template that we can go ahead and add for your template or you can do that on your own as well. So you can pay for this invoice here and when they click this, I currently have PayPal associated with my mHelpDesk and integrate with my mHelpDesk. So when they click here, it will give them the option to pay their PayPal. It will work with whatever integration that you – payment processing integration that you would use, like Stripe or or PayPal. Those are the three that we work with. We can go ahead and send that over. Then you have the ability to do the invoice in your mobile application. Now we won’t be able to just create an invoice the way we were able to create it in your desktop. You have to go to the job. So I sign in as my tech one again. I click on Jobs and here is the installation that we were – we have one of the installations we had earlier. Now, if we go to the icon Invoice down here, you will be able to see that we have the pre-populated information. Here’s one of the items that I did add from when I made an estimate. But again this will be blank if you go straight from job to invoice and I can go ahead and click the Settings button up here while I’m on site with the customer and have the customer pay and just so you can see what that looks like. So I currently have PayPal linked to this. So they can click Check out with PayPal and they can pay with the credit card. Same thing for and Stripe. It will show up the same way. Then they also have the ability. Let’s say they give you a check on site or maybe even cash or a cashier’s check. If you go to Payment, you can record it the same way just by clicking plus and you will be able to record it and that will be attached to that invoice. Let me just show you that. So remember how we talked about the different tabs that you have, Job, Estimate, Invoice and Payment. You will be able to click here and see what information your tech recorded as well. So you also – so if we go back to Invoice, you also have the ability to email that invoice to your customer. So if you’re on site, you’ve done everything, you’ve gotten their signatures. So let’s go ahead and get a signature here. They can sign with their finger or with the stylus or whatever you have. Press Done. That was a pretty horrible signature. We can actually get a new signature. Just press the settings. Again, Get Signature and let’s try to make this a little bit neater but it’s not working out. So we can click Done. It will record their signature in the invoice. So it looks nice and neat and then once this is done refreshing, we can go back and email invoice and again, this is the email that I have linked to the customer contact. But I can change the email address that I want to send it to. Let’s say there’s a different – they have a second email address that they want you to send it. You press OK and that’s sent to the customer and that’s pretty much all there is to invoicing. [End of transcript]

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