mHelpDesk 2014 Scholarship

Are you in college, or entering college?  We’ve got news for you! Are you clever? A natural early-adopter? Broke? Then listen up because opportunity is knocking. Our company, mHelpDesk, will be offering a scholarship for the first time ever this year. The contest will be open to many people, and the one with the best submission will walk away with $1500.00. Interested? There’s only a bit more you need to know. You’re probably used to scholarships asking you for fluffy essays. We take a more practical approach. We’re going to ask you to invent something that can be used in the real world to get the attention of the jaded modern audience. We’re always excited by hip new perspectives, and we’re going to ask you to bring that perspective to an ad. And that’s your mission: Create a commercial of up to 1 minute for our company. Be innovative. Create something that will get attention. It doesn’t matter if it makes people laugh or makes them think, as long as it doesn’t bore them. Ready to get started? Take a second to read our official rules and terms and conditions, both located below. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the industries we serve and some of the features we bring to the table. When you’re entry is completed, you can send it through the entry form here. We at mHelpDesk can’t wait to see what you come up with. Contest entry deadline is Dec 15, 2014. Winner to be announced by Dec 30, 2014.

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