Enjoy the Calm of Organization

More than a few clients have told us that mHelpDesk took a lot of the frustration out of their lives. With formats available for almost any document you need, mHelpDesk provides a reliable and organized home for all of your shop’s paperwork.

If your team is using select modern tablets, they will also be able to further eliminate your paperwork needs by collecting signatures and payments through a touch screen. Once you have converted your internal and customer documents over to mHelpDesk, you can achieve almost flawless record-keeping.

Prevent Mistakes

mHelpDesk gives you ample room to provide information for every work order, and provides tools to track customer devices independently. With complete order information available immediately for your techs, they’ll be able to act with confidence. The increased organization, along with the fact that order updates go out as soon as you make them means fewer mistakes for your business.

This information can also be easily retrieved for the customer in the case of a dispute.

Get Your Overhead under Control

mHelpDesk gives you powerful tools to get your overhead under control. Eliminating your paperwork will save you a lot of time, space and money, but there are still other ways that mHelpDesk can help you. You can change shifts and schedules for each work order with the flick of the finger. You’ll immediately be ready to update and redirect your team if there is a cancellation or other service problem. Less wasted time means a thicker bottom line.

Trusted by over 10,000 people

Don’t just take our word on it - check out some real-life examples of how HVAC businesses have thrived using mHelpDesk

  • Reduced Billing Cycles

    Lance Jehn at Encompass – “We absolutely love mHelpDesk. It has sped up our billing cycle from 45 days to virtually instantaneous.”

  • Save More Time

    Nick May at Walls By Design – “All I know is that I’m not having to double entry everything. Everything is one place. It’s been great.”

  • Efficient and Effective

    David Waldy at Computer Paramedics – “mHelpDesk has created a one-stop-shop for our business to efficiently and effectively handle every customer.”


A dedicated support team for a seamless transition to mobile

Our Customer Success team will help you get started with mHelpDesk’s software, and is committed to helping your business succeed. In addition, mHelpDesk has the following learning resources to help you master mHelpDesk:

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