The #1 Service Request Tracking Software

mHelpDesk is the software you need if you need help tracking service requests. We designed our service request tracking software to support field service businesses, and organized service tracking is important to all of them. The solutions we imagined will help you take your business to the next level. Sign Up for a Free 14-Day Trial

Service Request Management Made Easy with Website Compatibility for Instant Scheduling

With mHelpDesk’s service request management software, you can now import customer-requested timeslots automatically from your website into your daily schedule. Service requests made through your website will be submitted to you for approval, and you can approve them directly into the timeslot the customer requested. The schedule will even update on the website so customers know what timeslots are already taken.

Save Time and Increase Business with High Mobility

mHelpDesk’s service request tracking software is mobile, so you can take your business on the road. As long as you have a compatible tablet device, you can use mHelpDesk anywhere you can find a stable connection. Enjoy the convenience of having every document you need on the job just a few clicks away. You can also generate estimates, take signatures and scan payment information through mHelpDesk without even leaving the customer’s doorstep.

mHelpDesk can also be leveraged to decrease calls between team members and HQ. Our software is designed to provide your field members with all of the support they need, so they never need to waste time confirming new assignments or recovering missing documents. The simplicity can shave hours of wasted time out of your day.

Never Worry about Losing Data

mHelpDesk protects your data. Many of the documents that you need for your day-to-day business can be created and stored in mHelpDesk. Once you create them, we back them up to Amazon servers. To protect your privacy, your records are locked with the same level of encryption used by online banking institutions.