mHelpDesk Scholarship

Attention, all present and future college students!

Are you witty? Savvy with technology? Broke? Then have we got an opportunity for you. This year, for the first time ever, mHelpDesk will be offering a scholarship for the Spring 2015 semester. Many will enter, and one of those eager entrants will be walking away from the experience with a check for a cool $1500.00. Want that person to be you? Stick around for a second, and we’ll tell you how. See, we like money too. That’s why we work so hard to reach as many customers as possible. Of course, reaching those customers is much easier said than done. Today’s agile online audience is sick of hearing about weird tips from moms and why doctors hate so many people. We need new funky-fresh ideas, and that’s where you and the rest of the nation’s youth come in. We want YOU to help us build the next game-changing advertisement. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a commercial we can use to break out of the pack. You’ll have 60 seconds of video to sell our business to the people who need us. Make us laugh! Make us cry! Obligate us to leave anonymous tips with mental health professionals in your area! Whatever you do, just don’t bore us. Think you have what it takes? See our official rules below for complete details and a bunch of other words that only lawyers understand and care about. Learn more about some of the industries we serve. The features we boast. And don’t forget to fill out the entry form! Easiest $1500.00 you ever made.

See the legal mumbo-jumbo, OR go to the entry form