Demo Training

Part 1:   Listen To Customer Needs

Be a great listener. Understand what the customer needs and take notes. Do not talk. Let them talk.

Part 2:   Identify Top 3 Pain Points

Now that you got the long list of “needs”. Identify the top 3 pain points.

Part 3:   Establish Credibility

Before diving into a demo, eliminate all doubt or concerns that the customer may be thinking.

Part 4:   Solve Customer Needs.

Demonstrate value by focusing only on the features that the customer “needs”. (See Part 1)

Part 5:   Go Over Buying Options

Confirm we can solve their pain points, then go over buying options.

Part 6:   Go Over Setup & Training Expectations

Set the right expectations. Under promise and over deliver.

Part 7:   Go Over Setup & Training Options

Give the customer options. Every customer has different buying preferences.

Part 8:   Sell The Company

Don’t sell software. Sell the company!

Part 9:   Use Social Proof

Everybody else is doing it. So should you!

Part 10:   Prices are NON Negotiable

Our prices are non-negotiable to ensure that our customers have our undivided attention.

Part 11:   The Close

If you deliver enough value during the demo, the customer will be ready to close.

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